A Long Time Coming, My Book is Out

I am beyond words of thanks, gratitude, humbleness, joy, shock … etc. I’ve wanted to write a book about ministry to gay teenagers for a few years now. My intent was to get practical information into the hands of youth workers and parents beyond this blog. I am so grateful to Group / Simply Youth Ministry for allowing this reality to happen.

Starting today, you can purchase my book: MINISTERING TO GAY TEENAGERS, via this link (or on the side bar). The book comes in two versions: hard copy, or digital copy (PDF file, .epub file for iPad, .mobi file for Kindle).

You can download a sample chapter here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks for your support over the years. Truly this book is partly dedicated to all parents of gay teenagers. God has not forsaken you, and has not fallen deaf to your prayers. Keep trusting in His unfailing love and everlasting presence. He will carry you all through. To Him be the Glory forever!


9 responses to “A Long Time Coming, My Book is Out

  1. Congratulations Shawn! I am looking forward to picking up a few copies to add to my library and to give as gifts. There can never be enough sound and biblical information/resources to share with others. Bless you again for your hard work and love for these precious young people. I am confident the Lord will use your new book to help others to respectfully and gently connect with family, friends and students.

  2. Good stuff thanks for sharing. I also read your testImony page and that was also a nice read. I must admit I am somewhat puzzled that you never considered yourself a Christian or had a personal relationship with Christ as a Catholic. As a born and raised Catholic in a devout Catholic home I am not exactly sure how that works..seems rather strange to me… But anyways some great stuff here.


    • Thanks for commenting Davide.

      My grandparents were more hardcore catholics than my mom and step-dad. We went to church on occasion – to appease my grandparents and my catholic school. In our school / church, we weren’t encouraged to read the Bible, everything was done through and by the priest. So I never really understood the purpose of God other than He hated when you sinned. Having a personal relationship with Him wasn’t taught or stressed. It was a totally foreign concept to me when I became a Christian (in 7th grade I became agnostic).

  3. Dude, first, congratulations! Second, can your book help me minister to some gay Sailors? I haven’t seen many since Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed, but you know I’m seeing a few here and there. Or, if your book can’t, do you have some recommendations?

    • Thanks Dan. While my book specifically targets gay teens, parents, and youth workers, I think the ministry principles can apply to gay adults as well.

      In the youth worker section of this blog, I have other articles for the church in general.

      One of the great things I love about my book are the reflection questions in the last chapter. I really want people to process what they’ve just read and intentionally apply things to ones life, family, and ministry.

      So, yeah, I think it would help, but I don’t specifically speak to gay adults – just in general.

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