BOOK GIVEAWAY: Be 1 of 5 People to Win My New Book.

If you haven’t had a chance to purchase or read my book, now is your chance!  I am giving away 5 free copies (print or digital) of my book, “Ministering to Gay Teenagers,” to 5 people who best respond to the following question:

What do you hope to learn from this book, and how will you use this resource?

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Contest will end January 16, 2013.  Spread the word and good luck!

If you have already read my book (THANK YOU), I would really love to hear your feedback.  Please consider posting on this blog, or consider writing a review via Amazon or Simply Youth Ministry.

Ministering to Gay Teenagers EDYW Book Cover


17 responses to “BOOK GIVEAWAY: Be 1 of 5 People to Win My New Book.

  1. I hope to learn from this book how to best equip myself on how to welcome, minister, be available to, teach, come along side of any student who is or who is dealing with thoughts of homosexuality. Also, hopefully will train me in how to better minister to some family members of mine who are struggling with it as well. I want to be able to use this resource for our volunteers who have students in their small groups struggling with this as well. Seems like an amazing read, and something that youth ministry has been waiting for.

  2. I have spent many hours studying this subject because I have family members who struggle with it. There aren’t that many valuable resources on this topic, especially for teenagers. I want to be able to minister to teenagers better. I want to gain more knowledge on the subject so I can speak the truth of Jesus Christ into their hearts. I want to equip my volunteer youth coaches with materials like this so they can be prepared when the times comes to address it. I want to love and minister to people who struggle with this and help guide the church to do the same.

  3. If I were to win this book, I would use its information, resources, and Shawn’s passion for this often abused and neglected part of the flock to better love all of the GLBT community.

  4. I live and minister in a part of Africa where gay behavior is illegal but prevalent. Many are dabbling in the lifestyle. We have a school that has gl students and also have a camp ministry where several of the attendees are coming to us with questions about this. I’d live to have a good resource to use.

  5. I would like to take away a better understanding of the best methods to minister to these individuals that they may first and foremost want to continually pursue a positive and living relationship with God, that they may want to go out and be disciples witnessing about the love of Christ that they have experienced first hand on their own and have experienced directly from myself. I want to know how to minister to their situation and not change them, but through love and a better understanding cause tthem to want to make a change within themselves to further enhance their relationship with God. In the word Paul talks about becoming all things to all men when he was describing how he witnessed to various individuals and groups and I believe that this book could be a vital tool in bridging the gap between the church, its youth leaders, and gay or curious teens.

  6. I am currently studying youth ministry right now and am a Junior. One of the questions I constantly have for myself is “how do I talk to kids about sexuality, no just homosexuality but sexuality in general” I really hope this book were to help me to learn what the talking points would be and just to better show gay teens the love that the Church has for them without bashing them and showing them acceptance.

  7. Our church does not, at this point, have this to deal with. That being said, as we continue to grow the youth group, it will be very likely that there will be some students who struggle with homosexuality. It is my desire to learn as much as I can about the topics and concerns that youth pastors experience. I think it is vitally important that I be aware of the concerns and needs of a student struggling with homosexuality so that I can adequately prepare my youth group volunteers as well.

  8. what i hope to learn from this book is how to equip myself better i struggled with homosexuality for a long time and it was hard to seek the help and ask for it. Feeling different and not belonging the desperation of wanting to be normal and not struggling with homosexuality. I know how it is to deal with this along with constant struggles and mind battles you have with your self and in what God is trying to do within you its not easy but its not impossible either with Gods help i was able to over come homosexuality.i want the right tools and information and guidance that i didn’t have to help others around me not only to help someone struggling with homosexuality but loving them and showing them God’s love and also teaching the church that we need to be more humble and compassionate when its comes to situations like this. I want to be able to impact those around me how God grace and mercy impacted my life and my decision to change my life style.

  9. This topic is very prevalent in my line of work. More and more it is not only popping up amongst co-workers, clients, and students, but it is quickly becoming accepted as well as promoted and encouraged. I am at a loss of where to begin. Sometimes I allow silence to take over out of fear for saying the wrong thing and completely closing the door altogether. However, sometimes silence appears as acceptance. In my line of work, there is a sticky line that most often is not crossed. Yet, if someone approaches me directly, I would be at a loss of what to say or how to handle it. This book would be an excellent source for me as a Christian in a secular environment. It would be the current for this one fish to ride as I swim against the flow. I highly respect the author of this text, so I would be able to trust the perspectives, tips, and guidance more likely than other sources.

  10. I would use this book to help learn ideas on how to minister to 2 girls that are openly “bi” in our youth group as well as dealing with very close family members of myself and my husband that are living this lifestyle. With a 6 year old adn a 3 year old at home we are alaways looking for ideas on how to teach them to love people regardless of their sins.

  11. By reading your book, I hope to gain insight into the minds of gay teenagers. I believe their minds are not different from other teenagers…but I truly don’t know. If I have the insight and understanding then perhaps I will become a better person myself. Knowledge is power. I believe God intends us to use this power always for the improvement of mankind in ALL aspects. I’m already a great listener for several gay teens; but there are times I truly do not know what to say mainly because I simply do not understand.

    “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” -Marie Curie

  12. I’m interested in the book as I am a progressive (i.e. liberal) Christian pastor who serves a church where GLBT persons are openly welcomed and affirmed, where our youth group includes gay teens (one of whom is the president of our regional youth commission) and teens with gay parents. The issue of sexual orientation seems to be one of the most divisive in the Church worldwide and so I’d be very interested to read your experience and perspective as I assume we look at this issue very differently theologically. I think it’s only as we try to understand each other better that we’ll be able to respond to this issue within the Church with grace and love.

  13. Ok. Honestly, I can’t pick just 5 people. Everyone one here is in some way connected to gay students/adults already. And honestly, I want to help each of you out. I’m more concerned with getting this information out to people than making money … so … you all will be receiving a copy of my book.

    I believe in the message so much! And I believe so much in equipping youth workers to be Jesus to gay teens!

    Please EMAIL ME and let me know if you want a physical copy of the book or a digital copy (PDF, Kindle, iPad). If you want a physical copy, please be sure to include your mailing address.

    Thanks so much for commenting and participating in my first-ever give away. I would love to hear your feedback on the book, either via email, Amazon, or Simply Youth. Thanks again!

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