The Heart of Worship: Unquenchable

The-Unquenchable-Worshipper-Redman-Matt-9780830729135I love worship.

I love to sing. I love to move. I love to be. If I had any type of musical ability, I probably would be leading worship somewhere.

I firmly believe that worship is a way of life; it transcends the church walls and one-hour a week services. As we go about our day, we should be actively worshipping Jesus Christ – through our work, our attitudes, our words, our thoughts, our hearts, our relationships, etc (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Worship in prayer. Worship in song. Worship loud. Worship quietly. Worship in silence. Worship with pen. Worship with hymns, and worship with contemporary. I truly believe God doesn’t care what means you use, as long as you passionately worship Him throughout the day.

Over Christmas, I re-read a great little book by Matt Redman, “The Unquenchable Worshipper.” Hands down, one of my favorite books of all-time. In fact, when I pastor my own church one day, this will be required reading for anyone in leadership and leading  worship.

I would like to highlight sections from each chapter over the next couple of weeks. My prayer is that we can apply these simple principles to our daily lives (worship) with God.


“[Worship] survives any situation and lives through any circumstance.”

“We can always find a reason to praise. Situations change for better and for worse, but God’s worth never changes.”

“[Where bitterness and complaint have root or reason, may we find a greater response] contentment: it fuels the heart with endless reasons to praise God.”

“Too often my worship is tamed by the complications and struggles of this world. But I long to be in a place where my fire for God cannot be quenched or washed away, even by the mightiest rivers of opposition – I long for a worship that can never be extinguished.”

“We long to be a people whose hearts burn for God; but if we’re not careful, there are ways we can lose something of that fire.”

  • As water puts out fire, so do the pressures of life. We must simply choose to worship, even when we don’t want to.
  • As cutting off oxygen puts out fire, so does quenching the Holy Spirit. Our lives must be an open dwelling place for the Spirit to rest and move about each day.
  • As cutting off fuel puts out fire, so does bypassing God’s revelation each day. We simply must keep the revelations of God before us each day – nature, His word, prayer, fellowship.

“The heart of God loves a persevering worshipper who, though overwhelmed by many troubles, is overwhelmed even more by the beauty of God.”

“.. worshipping God even in our darkest hour … A true lament never challenges or questions the worth of God. Instead, it reveals that His goodness and greatness are the only hope for a bleak situation … The psalms have in fact been described as ‘praise in the presence and absence of God’.”

“Whatever trials lie ahead in this life, unquenchable worshippers are found with a song of undying worship on their lips.”

Habakkuk 3:17-18

Acts 16:16-40

Are you an Unquenchable Worshipper?



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