The Heart of Worship: Undone


The other week, I started a series about worship centering around the book, “The Unquenchable Worshipper” by Matt Redman. I want to continue today, talking about being a worshipper who is undone.


What does it mean when something or someone is undone?

What does it mean to be undone as a Christian? Even more, as one worshipping before God?

Redman starts off the chapter talking about Isaiah’s encounter with God in Isaiah 6. He concludes by challenging worshippers to enter into such an encounter with God on a regular basis.

Here are some highlights from the chapter:

“The Prophet (Isaiah) encounters the Lord Almighty and is never the same again.”

“(God) puts us under the spotlight of His holiness, where we begin to search our hearts even more closely .. It’s God’s tough love-often severe, though always an act of kindness and never cruelty. He’s a holy King, insisting on a holy people. Yet He’s also the perfect Father, disciplining the ones He loves simply because He loves them.”

“He’ll often bring us into a season of brokenness, a time to refocus and check that we are heading in the right direction.”

“All our falls are useful if they strip us of a disastrous confidence in ourselves, while they do not take away a humble and saving trust in God.” – said by Francois Fenelon.

“Sometimes, though, we are left walking with a limp. We journey into a new season, yet God leaves behind a reminder of the work He’s done in us .. I’m reminded of all that God spoke to me in that situation. It’s an invitation to return to my knees and to remain an undone worshipper.”

Redman is right, we all have “limps” that God has allowed in our lives to be reminders of the journey we are on and of the grace of our great God.

  • So when those “limps” flare up, do they move us closer to or further from God’s presence?
  • Do we allow our “limps” to hinder our worship with God? How and why?

May God take our “limps” and “defects”, render us undone and transformed, and move us forward in renewal and life.




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