For the First Time (a poem)

im a sinner

im a great sinner

full of pride

selfishness, impurity, anger, doubt, depression, judgement, self-righteousness, self-salvation, self-works, self-focus, self-reliant, un-self-controlled

im a child

still learning to crawl

when i should be running

when i should be training

when i should be equipping.

i sit on my own sidelines

my mind is mush

my body aches

my will is corrupt.

i doubt the change

cause the results are shaddy;

i want a change

but unwilling to stand-up.

im not beyond

the hand that Upholds

the One who Restores

Him who Ransoms the dead.

but can I let go

long enough to grip

that which will truly save me?

can i outstretch my arms

in surrender

in worship

in haste

letting these idols drop dead

letting this dead man to live – again, for the first time?



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