Never Stop Telling Your Story


The other day I read a great post by Matt Moore about the power of one’s testimony. In it, Matt shared that while his story about walking away from homosexuality is powerful, the greater power lies within his continual walk. I totally agree with his point.

For many of us, when we share our story – our testimony – we share our past in detail, our conversion, and then usually sum it up with, “And I’ve been walking with the Lord ever since.” Too often we forget, myself included, that while being brought from “dead to life” is powerful, there is also great power in one who continues to walk as a free and alive follower of Christ. With such power in what God has done and is doing within our lives, we should not short-change our testimony … ever.

In a sense, God has put a song in our mouths to sing, a story to share with the world. When we share it, not only does it edify others but also ourselves. Just as by nature we are worshippers, so we are also storytellers. Unlike the world, though, our story centers around God and His transformation within our lives. And, to me, that’s what makes a great story, because God’s story never gets old.

Here’s the thing, we all have stories. They don’t have to be dramatic stories; they simply need to be authentic. I firmly believe that not only does every person have a story, but every story is meant to impact someone else’s life. God has done a great work in you, and He uses you as a vessel in continuing this work. Therefore, the story God has created within your life, He wants to use in order to reveal Himself to others.

When we hide our story, we hide the message God has born within and through us. When we  settle that our story is of no use, we belittle the greatness of God. As hard as it may be at times, we are called to share the journey we’re on with God to those around us. Great power is within these words in Revelation:

And they [Christians] have conquered him [satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. (12:11)

Our testimony doesn’t end when Jesus awakens us to life; at this point, our testimony is just beginning.




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