The Heart of Worship: Unveiled


Our worship series continues.

Centered around the story of Moses and God in Exodus 34, and what it means for us today via Paul’s teaching, Matt Redman continues to share his thoughts on worship.


“The greater the revelation, the greater the transformation.”

“Beholding is becoming.”

“I don’t go [to worship] to get healed; I went because God had captured my heart … The Bible clearly shows that God wants His people to have a close encounter with Him. When Jesus came to Earth, His words, life and death brought a fresh invitation to draw near to the Almighty. He taught His disciples to pray to an intimate Father in heaven, just as He did. He said they were no longer just servants but friends; for everything He’d learned from the Father He was showing to them. In Revelation 3:20, Jesus reminds the Laodicean Church this invitation: ‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.'”

“The invitation Jesus gives us is surely the greatest mystery of the universe … Almighty God would invite me to intimacy with Himself, and the Son of God would willingly die on a cross to make that possible.”

“When the fear of the Lord meets the friendship, that’s when this mystery really kicks in.”

[Quoting William Barclay] “The hand of Christ is strong enough to uphold the heavens, and gentle enough to wipe away our tears.”

[Reflecting on John 18:4-6] “How much more than should we, as yielded worshippers of the crucified, risen and ascended Jesus, seek out some floor space. When we really pay attention to God’s worth, our worship times will start to look even more like the heavenly throne room. The angels sing, as do we. The living creatures speak out their praise, and we join them. But the 24 elders bow down on their faces. Oh, that we would see what they see and do as they do, a little more often! To bow is the ultimate physical sign of reverence.”

“In an age of informality and irreverence, true unveiled worshippers recognize the ‘otherness’ of God and treasure the call to intimacy with Him. Transfixed by His glory and transformed in His presence, we become ever more like Him. Unveiled worshippers are different when they come down the mountain. They are radiant, for all to see, and shining with the glory of God.”



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