Heart-Check: Luke 18-19


As I read through Luke 18 and 19 this morning, questions began popping out from the passages. A lot of self-evaluation happened today. My prayer is that my life begins to change because of the questions God has asked me.

Luke 18:22-27

Have I given until it hurts or do I shrink back from totally following Jesus?

If I say I follow Him, but hold back the things I need to give up, and fear of letting go overshadows the freedom that awaits me, then am I truly following Him or the gods I’ve settled for?

“What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Father, do within me – my heart and soul – the impossible!

Luke 18:35-43

“Lord, let me recover my sight.”

Am I looking at life through the eyes of Jesus or my own distorted view? Do I only see the impossible, or do I see the possible beyond what seems impossible?

Am I looking at others through the eyes of Jesus or my own judgmental view? Do I see what God wants to do within others, or do I only see their faults and limitations?

We all need to ask God: “Lord, let me recover my sight.”

Luke 19:1-10

The only thing we remember about Zacchaeus is him being a little man. While little, he’s bigger than a lot of us: Zacchaeus got the message of Jesus and allowed it to totally transform his life.

Luke 19:11-27

What do I do (What have I done) with what the Father has given me? Have I wasted … Have I hoarded … Have I invested?

Luke 19:28-40

Am I intimidated by others or transfixed by the Glory of God?

Do I live to promote the Glory and work of Christ, or the glory and work of myself?

Is my worship of Christ louder than the worship creation gives Him? And is my worship of Him dependent on how good my day & life are?

Luke 19:41, 44

What is my compassion for others? Does my heart break for the lost, for those far from God, for the city in which I live?

Has seeing Jesus changed my life in a radical way? Am I praying for others to see Jesus as He truly is, that their eyes would be open to the truth of Him who stands before them? Or do my actions and attitude block others from experiencing Christ as they should?

Luke 19:45-48

Is my temple a place that honors Christ or self?

Have I bought into the lies for the truth?

Is my life (ministry) filled with everything but the essentials? Is my life consumed by the voice of God or voice of the world?

When the enemy attacks, does he find me “hanging on” to his words or the words of Christ?

Father, may my life hang on and move by the truth of You. Breathe on me, Oh Breath of God. Awake me from slumber into Your presence. Awake my soul – Awake!


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