A “Refreshing” Review of My Book

Here’s a recent review of my book, by Pastor Adam Koehler:

I just read Shawn Harrison’s book, “Ministering to Gay Teenagers” and I can sum it up in one word…refreshing.

It was refreshing to read a book not dedicated to theological arguments but to actually loving people. It was refreshing to read things like, “these are my thoughts” and not, “here is how you should think”. It was refreshing to read an honest, personal testimony. Finally, it was refreshing to know that The Spirit is calling ministers like Shawn to the front lines while guarding their personal integrity and moral convictions.

There are many quotable lines in Shawn’s book, but I have two personal favorites. The first is, “Remember, God is after heart modification, not just behavior modification, and that ought to be your focus, too” (p. 26). My second favorite is, “The church has been quick to point out the sin of homosexuality but rather slow in pointing out the love of the Father” (p. 36). The wisdom of these two sentences, I believe, comes straight from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus lived, taught, died, and rose again for the sake of sinners. From what I’ve read in the Bible, He didn’t continuously pound people with theological argument as many Christians are trained to do today. Jesus loved them as they were and pointed them to their full potential in Him. In my opinion, “Ministering to Gay Teenagers” will help youth workers, parents, pastors, family members, and friends point GLBT teenagers to their full potential in Christ.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, or agree with Shawn on every point, but I will recommend his book to others.


Rev. Adam Koehler
Director of The Missionary Home Church Network

Ministering to Gay Teenagers EDYW Book Cover


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