The Heart of Worship: Undivided


Our worship series continues from the book “The Unquenchable Worshipper,” by Matt Redman.


“The challenge for undivided worshippers is to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus … ‘Give me an undivided heart’ [Psalm 86:11]. Those five words are probably some of the most important we’ll ever pray. Every day we come face-to-face with enticements to leave the highway of holiness and walk on other paths. But for the heart consumed with Jesus, all those persuasions are seen for what they really are: empty and meaningless dead ends.”

“Jesus is the perfecter of our faith; true, undivided worshippers follow His example. Nothing can distract, dissuade or deter them from their ultimate goal: the glory and pleasure of God. Dying to themselves and living for Him, they boldly join in the prayer of Charles Wesley: Let earth no more my heart divide; With Christ may I be crucified.”

[Part of why Jesus overturned tables in the Temple] “Nothing must stand in the way of His Father’s worship.”

“We need to have untainted hearts, defending ourselves from everything that seeks to lead us off the path of pure worship. But we also need to be in attack mode, striking out for the honor of God’s name everywhere we find a suitable opportunity … guarding our hearts against the pollution that’s all around us in this world.”

“If anything in my life consistently damages my relationship with God, then at some point I have to take responsibility and make some changes. There comes a time when no one else can do that for me. So, as well as the old prayer, ‘Purify my heart,’ I’ve been praying a new one recently: ‘Simplify my life.’ … I’m asking God to help me get rid of unnecessary baggage – anything that consistently weighs me down on my spiritual walk with Him.”



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