I Can’t Juggle


I can’t juggle.

I’ve a few times, and while I can possibly handle two objects, anything more ends up being too much.

So, I don’t juggle.

Right now, though, I’m in one of those juggling moments. And I’m kinda freaking out.

My family and I are beginning to transition out of one ministry and in to another – from student pastor to associate pastor. With this transition comes a move from one town to another – Saint Marys to Greenville. While we are nervous, and there is TONS to do, we are deeply excited for this new venture God has asked us to walk with Him.

I still can’t believe, after all the mishaps I’ve had in this journey, that God would still want to use me and call me to greater levels. Each step taken, I become more amazed at God’s Grace, Love, and Wonder. I become more satisfied in just being IN Him and WITH Him. And each step brings me deeper into the harsh reality of two paradoxes: I am nothing without Him, and I possess nothing, yet have everything.

In the last few months / weeks, I’ve been on a growing-learning-self-discovering trip. I have lots of stuff I want to write and post, so please bare with me as I try to “organize” my juggling.



2 responses to “I Can’t Juggle

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