20 Pictures of Jesus

1. Jesus is the Savior. His name means the one who will save us from our sins.

2. He is the Messiah. He’s Jesus Christ. Christ is not His last name. It means the Promised One.

3. He is the Son of David.

4. Son of Abraham.

5. Center of history.

6. Fully human.

7. Fully divine.

8. Sovereign over the wise.

9. Shepherd of the weak.

10. Jesus inaugurates a new exodus.

11. He’s ending

12. He loves His fiercest enemies

13. He’s the Savior King

14. He’s Righteous Judge

15. He’s filled with God the Spirit

16. He’s loved by God the Father

17. He’s the new Adam

18. He’s the true Israel

19. He’s the Light of the World

20. He’s the hope for all nations

When you read scripture, do you find pictures of Jesus? Why or why not? Since Christ is the central character of the Bible, we should read scripture in light of who Jesus was, what He came to do, what He did, and who He is now.

Which picture(s) of Jesus, given by David Platt, spoke to you the most?

Which two will you strive to apply to your life this next month?

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