Rising from the Ashes


A Network

I am extremely excited to be joining (another) network of people who are committed to loving Jesus, and sharing this love-mission with gay individuals, their families, and churches: The Hope for Wholeness Network.

A few months ago I joined with Exodus International, but when they closed so did the network of ministries, thus severing our connection. McKrae Game, founder of Truth Ministry, started the Hope for Wholeness Network in response.

I greatly appreciate McKrae’s heart and vision for ministry. He wants to see lives transformed by the risen Christ, and he wants to equip churches to have the same mission. In the same-mindedness, I can definitely partner with him and this network.

A Conference

From October 31 thru November 2, The Hope for Wholeness Network will host their first conference for ministry leaders, families, parents, individuals, and everyone in-between. Below are the descriptions from the main conference page:

Leaders’ Conference: Thursday, Oct. 31 – 4:30pm ends Friday at 4:30pm. The conference will feature well-known leader Mary Heathman, Joe Dallas, McKrae Game, and more.  This event is for anyone who is or desires to help those affected by homosexuality.  We will have talks and workshops directly connected to doing ministry, to include how you could use the Hope for Wholeness curriculum and how to be an Affiliate of Hope for Wholeness Network.  Dinner out in downtown Greenville, lunch included Friday.

Participant Conference: Friday, Nov. 1 – 6:00pm, ends Saturday at 5:30pm. Conference will feature the praise band of Restoration Church, Spartanburg: Joe Dallas, Kristin Tremba, Mary Heathman, McKrae Game, Daniel Mingo, Matthew Walker, testimonies, workshops, and guest appearance from Stephen Baldwin.  This event is for anyone who is affected by the subject of homosexuality, including those who minister to those affected.  Lunch included Saturday.

Banquet, featuring Stephen Baldwin: Saturday, Nov. 2 – 6:30pm. Featuring actor and author Stephen Baldwin, well-known speaker Christine Sneeringer of Orlando FL, McKrae Game, Carol Bachtel, chairman of Truth Ministry and former homosexual of 23 years, & music by More than Men.

For questions or help registering, please call, M-F 9-5 EST, 864.583.7606.

Give a scholarship to someone who cannot afford to attend the conference. (Scholarships will be privately available as donations are given, either as half or whole, as the need and ability are present.)

Click here to see the entire conference and banquet schedule.

Click here to see the workshop details.

I’m totally pumped to be attending this event, and if you are able, I strongly recommend attending. I’m additionally stoked about the weekend, because I’ve been asked to speak a few times during the conference. I’ve been asked to share my story Thursday night during the Leader’s Conference, and I’ve been asked to teach a workshop on ministering to gay teens the following day. During the Participant’s Conference, I’ve been asked to teach a workshop for parents on loving their gay children.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, but one I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Which brings me to a request …

A Personal Request

Over the past 5 years that Emily and I have been running Six:11 Ministries, I have never asked for money. I generally work with churches and organizations with what they can afford, because I’m after getting the message out, not making a profit. So far all the money we’ve received goes towards ministry opportunities. So … I have a big financial need, and I feel led to share it with you – our readers, supporters, and friends.

The Hope for Wholeness Conference is in Greenville, SC, with my expenses being: a roundtrip plane ticket, a car rental, and a 2 night stay at a hotel.

With getting ready to buy a house and move, we can’t really afford paying the full cost. And I have considered turning down the request to speak; however, Emily and I both feel strongly that God is asking me to speak into the lives of those attending the conference and workshops.

So … if you are willing and feel led to support me (in any amount possible), would you please let us know – phone, email, or Facebook. Emily and I do not take your support and friendship lightly. We are greatly appreciative of everyone who supports the ministry of Six:11. I continue to be amazed at how God uses everything to further His glory, love, and mission, all over the place. He is faithful – always, faithful.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Click the links above for more information about The Hope for Wholeness Conference, October 31-November 2.


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