The #M2GT Giveaway

Here it is!

The #M2GT Giveaway, sponsored by Six:11 Ministries and Simply Youth Ministrystarts TODAY!!

It’s been about a year since my book was published, and I continue to be amazed at how God has used this small book to bless others, and start an important conversation within churches and homes. Every week I hear stories from parents and youth workers on how our ministry (Six:11) and our book (Ministering to Gay Teenagers) has helped them better understand God’s heart for gay individuals – especially teens.

The message of God’s redemptive love for those with same-sex attractions is spreading. Stories of churches changing their mindsets and ministry approaches to the gay community are being shared. Parents are learning how to deeply love their gay children without fear. It’s amazing what God is doing! And not just through our ministry, but through numerous ministries who share our passion and mission.

Still, there are churches and families who have not heard about Six:11 Ministries, or our book, Ministering to Gay Teenagers. There are many churches who are struggling to find their footing in ministry to the gay community, and those with same-sex attractions within their congregations. There are many families struggling to understand why their child is gay, and how to love them without compromising their faith. Without sounding egotistical, this is why we need to get our ministry and resources out there. And this is where we need YOUR help!

The Details

Below is a graphic that promotes the ministry of Six:11 and our book. Your objective is to share this graphic all over social media, starting today and ending next Friday, October 4, 2013. The contest will end at 11:30pm next Friday night, and the winner will be announced Monday morning, October 7.

When sharing the graphic, make sure to include the hashtag #M2GT. We are also asking each contestant to:

The graphic is designed to easily share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, and other sites. You can even make the graphic your Facebook cover photo – measured to fit 🙂 Remember to add the hashtag #M2GT every time you post the graphic on social media sites.

Each contestant is only required to share our graphic once via social media, but the more you share it and the more it is shared by others, the better your chances are at winning the giveaway. And what do you win?

The winner of this giveaway will receive 2 hard copies of my book AND 6,000 redeemable points to the Simply Youth Ministry store.

Last time I did a contest, everyone who entered won. This time, there will only be ONE winner. The giveaway starts NOW. Good luck! And thank you SO MUCH for your help and generosity in spreading the word about Six:11 Ministries and Ministering to Gay Teenagers!

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5 responses to “The #M2GT Giveaway

    • Thanks so much Erik! I see you’re C&MA … I start at a C&MA church in Greenville, OH, next week. Deeply excited to be joining the family!!

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