Logos Bible Software, SYM, & Me

Brandon Early posted on Morethandodgeball.com about a new Youth Ministry and Leadership Collection for all Logos Bible Software customers (new and old). This collection of ministry resources are from Group/Simply Youth Ministry, and includes my book, “Ministering to Gay Teenagers.” I am pumped and totally surprised about this news!!

Brandon posted these details:

I am excited that Logos Bible Software is adding some great SYM books to their library! Great books from Kurt Johnston, Joshua Griffin, Doug Fields, and twenty other authors! The set is available for pre-order and on sale at a 30% discount.

If you are teaching on a regular basis, love studying from your Mac, PC, or iPad then Logos Bible Software is something to investigate. Call my friend David Kaplan at Logos and tell him Brandon Early sent you (800.875.6467).  October is pastor appreciation month… so go appreciate yourself!





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