Where have I been?


“I’m back!”

Though, maybe you didn’t even notice I was gone – or at least that I haven’t been blogging for about two months now. If you have noticed my absence, great! If you haven’t, no worries.

So, why the two month silence? Well … to put it bluntly, life happened 🙂

Around the end of October, I got the green light from Group Publishing to update and expand my book (which I am super pumped about). I was also informed by them that the book would not only be published in e-book form, but also print form and sold in Christian bookstores (which I am super-super pumped about). A total humbling experience for me.

In talking with Group about the project, we all agreed that we wanted the book to be available in time for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, happening in Columbus, OH, March 7-10, 2014! So, that meant I needed to re-write and expand the new manuscript fast, in order to meet the deadline – which I have, and the book is currently going through its first edit.

In the middle of this, my wife and I were preparing for a move – which we finally accomplished last weekend … during the snow storm that overtook half of the country.

In all this craziness, some things needed to be put on hold until some type of normalcy was regained; this blog was one of them. I also put on hold my weekly post to Morethandodgeball.com – a superior youth ministry blog, hosted by Simply Youth Ministry.

Now, I’m back and ready to start writing again. I’m not making any promises or declaring any changes, but I really hope to shake things up on this blog. Right now, I plan on blogging a bit more this week, but we’ll see. This is my attempt at getting the ball rolling again …


5 responses to “Where have I been?

  1. You’re updating your book? I just bought it a short time ago! Now I’ll have to buy it all over again! 🙂

    • Sorry Matt 🙂

      I am including more information & practical help for youth workers, families, and church leaders. It should be out by March – in time for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Columbus, OH.

      I appreciate your support my friend 🙂

      • I’m actually going to SYMC for the first time! Perhaps I’ll pick it up there? Are you leading any workshops or sessions during the conference?

      • Awesome! Love to meet up and chat in person. Yes, I am leading a workshop on my book. Not sure what day it is, but I’ll post it when I find out.

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