Top 10 for 2013


As is custom, here are this year’s Top 10 posts from Six:11 Ministries.

A huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone who helped us spread God’s word and heart around the internet. All of your shares, comments, support, and encouragement, have meant a great deal to my wife and I. Our prayer is that God continues to be glorified through this ministry! May the Lord bless you, keep you, and bring you deeper into His presence this year 🙂

1) Loving Your Gay Child (29,856 views)

2) My Story (4,302 views)

3) Who is Six:11 (3,303 views)

4) Oh Look, Another Protest (2,637 views)

5) Parent FAQs (2,560 views)

6) Scripture and Homosexuality (2,000 views)

7) A Message from a Gay Sister in Christ (1,994 views)

8) Ministering to Gay Teens (1,977 views)

9) Wrestling with Prayer (1,876 views)

10) Leave Miley Cyrus alone (1,758 views)

Did your favorite post make the cut? Which one would you add to the list?

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