Re-Release of Ministering to Gay Teenagers


I am super pumped to announce the re-release of my book, “Ministering to Gay Teenagers.”

The book features about 80% new material, with expanded sections for youth workers and families. There is also a chapter for churches and mentors. Here is the table of contents and a link to a free chapter preview:

  • Part 2: Youth Workers
    • Chapter 3 – Ministry Foundations
    • Chapter 4 – Core Value of “Belong”
    • Chapter 5 – Core Values of “Believe” and “Be Transformed”
    • Chapter 6 – Youth Ministry FAQs / Discussion Questions
  • Part 3: Families & Friends
    • Chapter 7 – Loving Your Gay Child
    • Chapter 8 – Loving a Gay Sibling or Friend
    • Chapter 9 – Family FAQs / Discussion Questions
  • Part 4: Responding Well
    • Chapter 10 – The Church as a Restorative Community
    • Chapter 11 – Being a Mentor
    • About Six:11 / Endnotes

You can purchase the book in print, and in some cases a digital version, from:

Simply Youth Ministry
Christian Book
Barnes & Noble


9 responses to “Re-Release of Ministering to Gay Teenagers

    • Good question.

      I reworded a lot of the original chapters and switched around how I wanted to lay things out. Included is three core values to base ministry to gay individuals around – the three values we hold to at Six:11 Ministries. There is more added contact specifically geared to parents, siblings, and friends. And there is a section on moving forward with what has been learned / talked about.

      There is a lot of feedback worked in from parents and youth workers. While the same conclusions can be gathered, I tried to make the book more conversational, practical, and challenging.

      Without being too biased, I would highly recommend this book. I’m pretty proud of the work 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Shawn. I have updated my links to the revised edition of your book. Thank you and thank God for your heart and ministry.

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