Reviews of God and the Gay Christian



Let me state from the start, I have not read Matthew Vines’ full book, “God and the Gay Christian.” I have read samples of his book, and I’ve watched numerous videos and interviews from him about the book. Why haven’t I read his full book? Because I know the arguments and end goal Vines’ presents, and there is nothing new but rather the same story rehashed for a new audience.

So why this post? Too many Christians are reading Vines’ book and concluding it to be truth – even new truth. I will not attack Matthew himself, as I don’t know him personally. From what I gather, he seems like a nice guy who genuinely wants people to seek Christ. My objection with him, is that he’s calling people to seek personal happiness above Christ Himself. This is not the call of Jesus we read in Scripture. All people – gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, and questioning, are called to follow Christ with total abandon. This simply means we deny ourselves, our rights, and our feelings and live in the fullness that Christ is greater and better.

Two men I greatly respect have written excellent reviews of Matthew’s book. I pass them along to help Christians process and discern truth from Vines’ false message of what it means to live as a Christian with same-sex attractions.

Click here to read Christopher Yuan’s review of Vines’ book in Christianity Today.

Click the links below to read Joe Dallas’ in-depth review of Vines’ book:

For what it’s worth, here is my own study of the Scriptures on homosexuality and how Christians should respond. It’s not as in-depth as the others, but it’s close 🙂

Additionally, here is a response in the form of an e-book from Albert Mohler and others. The e-book is free.


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