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This blog started as a way for me to talk about my same-sex attractions, and how they influenced with my role as a husband, father, and pastor. I never dreamed it would become as popular as it has over the years, let alone publish a book from many ideas and beliefs formulated here. Since 2007, I have met thousands of people online and in person who have been helped by my story – God’s story and continuing work, and I am humbled by everything said in response.

After much prayer and counsel with friends and peers, I have decided to stop blogging here at Six:11 Ministries. The site will be kept online for those in need of support, however, no new content will be written.

Why the departure? Well, for one, I haven’t written on here since March 2015. Blogging has become hard for me to keep up with, unlike previous years. A growing church ministry has taken over much of my time. Additionally, my heart’s focus has changed. While I have a special place for gay individuals, their families, and each one’s relationship with Christ, my feelings about “separate ministry for gay people” has changed – see the post below this one, “Starting a Ministry for Gay People.”

As a pastor, I want to help all people grow in their relationship with Christ, regardless of sexuality, ethnic, gender, etc. This is the type of church I currently pastor now in Ohio. These are the types of churches I want to plant in the US and around the world, especially in places where the Gospel of Jesus has never been heard. This has become, over the last three years, my heart’s focus.

Though I will not be continuing to blog and “run” Six:ll Ministries, I will still make myself available to help answer questions, and help equip local churches how to be the Church Christ calls us to be to all people of sexual orientations, genders, races, and ethnicities. To get ahold of me directly, please see my contact info on the “About” page.

– Shawn


15 responses to “End of Blogging

  1. Shawn,
    Thank you for the content over the past few years I’ve followed. Good stuff here and in your book.
    You are appreciated, brother.

  2. Shawn, I totally appreciate your heart and this decision. I have never done a blog, but there are times when ‘this’ seems to control your life and you have to ‘squeeze in’ the family and times to rest. Take care of yourself & your precious family. God is using you and His plan for you is still being fulfilled in your life. Just stay in touch, good friend. God’s blessings and His best to you, Emily, the children, & the church. Much love, our prayers & big hugs, Nora & Fred

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  3. I am so sad because I just signed up for your blog (: This was the first post I received through my e-mail box. I just found out 3 weeks ago that my daughter is SSA and bisexual and am struggling how to deal with this in a godly but firm way ( she is 20 and lives with us).

  4. May the Lord’s strength and guidance continue to be upon you Shawn. I will miss your compassionate and level-headed counsel and dedication. You have certainly been a blessing to me through the years. Thank you.

  5. I appreciate your wisdom and guidance on this sensitive subject. Good luck to you wherever life takes you, and thanks for autographing my copy of your book back at SYMC 2014!!! 🙂

  6. I too am sad to read this blog… You see, I have just found you! I read the article in the AllianceLife and I went searching.
    I am a fellow struggler. Over the past few days I have been glued to every word that you have typed. You testimony alone had me hooked. Our pasts are similar, as are our current realities. I too have a very supportive, very loving wife of almost 18 years. Together we are raising three AMAZING kids! (That I never thought I’d ever have.) And a have a Jesus, whose all sufficient grace continues to amaze me (minute by minute).
    It’s been great reading about your journey!
    Peace to you!

  7. I just found out my granddaughter is bisexual (age17). My son is struggling with this and how it affects them all spiritually. Any insight on how to help both of them is needed by me. Thank you!

    • Donna the articles here are wonderful and encouraging. I also recommend you check out Matt Moore and Joe Dallas blogs for help. I found out in July that my just turned 20 year old had gone from previous professed Christian faith and interest in men/ 1 engagement to a relationship with a very messed up young woman. I spent the first couple of months just crying and wanting to hide to be honest. My church has been wonderful- trying to love her, warn her of the dangers but finally ( with our approval) they have excommunicated her but continue to love her. This is the hardest thing I as a mother have ever gone through but my faith in God is intact ( you realize at that point that you love your daughter but that God does come first and husband second). I continue to pray she will turn back but she knows that I love her but there are rules that are enforced. ( she can have her gf over but they must act as friends- no affection as between men and women- sometimes she brings her but mostly not)
      The parents must have people ( you too ) that they can talk to that will be understanding and realize that this is just sin. God bless you as a grandparent!!

  8. I need to find support group or Christian counselor. I am a parent of a gay son and am heart broken. Please help.

  9. Shawn I appreciate your blog I am needing support and spiritual counsel as a parent of a gay son. I live in Salem Oregon. Would you by be able to give info. On where I can find some support thank you

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