Most likely, you’re here because your child has told you that they’re gay. You need answers to your questions.You need to hear that it’s OK to love your gay child. You need to know that you’re not alone. Below are resources that provide such help. They are written through my perspective as a gay teen and young adult, and some articles are written by parents in your position.

My prayer is that you would find the message and presence of Christ in these words. He is with you. He has not forsaken you. He will lead the way forward.


Loving Your Gay Child
Coming Out of the Closet [for parents]
Loving Your Rebellious Child [Abraham Piper]
From a Mom of a Gay Daughter [Nora Seemann]
Mom of a Transgender Son Reaches Out [Anonymous]

What is Homosexuality
Questioning the Bible
Scripture & Homosexuality
What does Ex-Gay mean
What does Change Look Like
Being Gay is Not the Sin [Peter Ould]
The Road to Healing [Anonymous]

Parent FAQ’s

Parent Forum

I’m trying to understand why my child is gay
Dealing with my spouse
Dealing with other family members
Setting boundaries for my gay child
The Church and Homosexuality

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6 responses to “Parents

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  2. I have a very good friend who has a 26 year old gay daughter. She lives in another state with her partner and Thanksgiving day the partner, 17 years older, gave birth to a baby girl. Yesterday, my friend, called her daughter to talk and to try to get their relationship back on track. She is in great turmoil as to how to deal with this. Her daughter has told her that until her mother accepts her and her life she can not be a part of her life in any way. My friend never asks about the baby or the partner and that is what is upsetting her daughter. I’m not sure what to tell her and what the appropriate way is for my friend to handle this situation. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am making sure she knows about this site.

    • Thanks for sharing Patty.

      I would ask your friend why she doesn’t ask about the baby or partner. While your friend doesn’t have to agree with everything her daughter does, she will have to recognize these two special people in her daughter’s life if your friend wants any relationship with her. Acknowledging them and accepting them does not mean she has to forfeit her convictions about homosexuality. However, in Christ, we are also called to love one another unconditionally, just as He loves us.

  3. I just stumbled on here. Looking for answers as a mother.
    My son was 15 when my husband found gay pornography on my son’s computer. I think my husband cried more than me that day. I wanted to die, yes DIE. We grieved like we lost our son. It’s devistating! We got him in counciling right away. And we have been trying to cope with it for almost a year now.
    He has someone to talk to, I don’t. We haven’t told anyone aside from our pastor and the associate pastors wife, that I turned to because I just needed a woman to talk to. I feel like me and my husband are stranded on an island, with no one. We can’t afford counciling for all of us.
    I plan on reading through your articles and maybe getting some insight.
    I am a Christian so I don’t condone that lifestyle. Everytime I try to find help on the net, it’s all about accepting it, which I won’t.
    Hoping I can find some answers. Wished I could find someone who has been in my position before.

  4. HI, I have a 20 year old son who has completely come out being gay. He has talked about this for the last 5 years but now is living an active gay lifestyle. Saying that phrase makes me physically ill. With that being said, our family has been on a long and hard road this summer. My husband and I have had all the felling that have been stated here by other parents. Grief, loss, panic, anger, sad, desperate, helpless and scared. We are very active, born again Catholics and have raised our children as such. Little did I know that all the time our son was growing up, he felt like God hated him and he was an abomination. I don’t think we ever said horrible things about gay people themselves but my husband rants about the “gay agenda” and “gay community”. There are so many layers to this “onion” that I cannot address them all. We have 3 other children, 2 boys and a girl. The boys,17 & 16, both know about their older brother. The question is: When and how do we tell our daughter who is 11 yrs. old? She attends a Catholic school and I teach at that school so it is very uncomfortable for me to say the least. I’ve talked to my principal and superintendent (both priests), and they have counseled my husband and I to love our son unconditionally. But until I found your blog I did not know what that “looked like”. Telling my daughter too soon makes me worry about her rejecting her brother as bad, even though I have always talked about what the Catholic church REALLY teaches, which is the same as what you say and teach on this blog. The very truth of God. My other worry in telling my daughter is that she will reject God because she loves her brother so much. We’ve tried to teach the true teaching of the Catholic Church on this issue with our kids and our gay son rejects and says we’re wrong, that the church teaches hate. Oh my, I’m rambling off topic. So, advice please on when and how to tell our daughter.

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