The Church and Homosexuality

This forum space is to help parents, family members, and others understand the debate within the church about homosexuality, and how the is / should be reacting to the gay community.

Please refrain from bashing Christianity or the Church. Questions and topics posted should ultimately spur on the Body of Christ to be the Image of Christ.


3 responses to “The Church and Homosexuality

  1. Shawn, Could you comment on the views of some regarding what the bible does or does not say concerning homosexuality? Is it sin along with greed, lust, gluttony, stealing…… ? Thank you

  2. After a 7 year committed relationship with a male, my granddaughter said she is gay, recently got engaged to marry female and is planning a family. I am having trouble dealing with this especially after she started a go-fund-me to help them financially to become “Mommy and Mom”. -Any advice on a Christian response?

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