Other Stories

Here are other journeys similar to mine.

Debora Barr

Ty Wyss


Matt Moore

Larry Rosalez-Lewis

… more will be added.


3 responses to “Other Stories

  1. Dear Matt and Larry thank you so much for your testimony. I’m a mom of a gay son. I have been feeling so helpless about my son. Because of you guys I feel hope in the mist of despair. My son is going to college next year and I am sure he will be seeking homosexual relations. I know he needs to do this. I didn’t think if was possible for people to see the light of God and look at your life as a whole, separate from homosexual/hetero. I would to show him your videos, but realize he is not ready to see them. It would be considered just telling him he is going to be a sinner. He needs to first experience a homosexual lifestyle. So please keep preaching and telling your story. Hopefully with God’s will my son will stumble upon your words.

    I am so thankful for the hope you have given me!


  2. Shawn! I would really love to get your advice on homosexuality. I’m a youth worker and have some questions. I just ordered your book and it’s very good so far. How do I contact you?

  3. After seeing my son struggle for over 7 years with SSA, he finally gave up trying on his own to change his sexual orientation. He knows what he is doing is wrong, but he too feels the need to experience the gay lifestyle after trying to resist for so long. It was so painful to hear him say that, but your website article “Loving Your Gay Child” is what helped me respond to him in a Christlike way. I continue to pray for God to reveal himself to my son and show him a better way. Thanks for the hope.

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