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This page is a quick resource for youth workers and church leaders on ministering to gay teenagers and their families. All articles are written by me, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to use whatever you want, but please give proper credit. Thanks!

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What is homosexuality?
Questioning the Bible.
Scripture & Homosexuality
The “ex-gay” question.
The “change” question.

For Students:

Who Am I In Christ
Coming Out of the Closet [for students]
God does Give Us More Than We can Handle
Seeing Gay Attractions as a Blessing
Being Gay is Not the Sin [Peter Ould]
The Road to Healing [Anonymous]

My Mind and Temptation
My Mind and Accusation
My Mind and Deception
My Mind and Losing Control
How to Fail Every Time

Answers to Questions Most Asked by Gay Teens [Live Hope Ministries]

For Youth Workers:

Ministering to Gay Students
Helping Parents Love Their Gay Child
Coming Out of the Closet [for youth workers]
Perspectives from a Gay Teen
More Than A Sexual Orientation
Why Should I Care
Where Do We Go From Here
Mom of a Transgender Son Reaches Out [Anonymous]

A Letter to Joe from a Pastor [Augustus Nicodemus Gomes Lopes]
Building a Restorative Community
Has the Church Failed GLBT Teens?  Yes and No
Cheated by the Affirming (pro-gay) Church [Anonymous, Christianity Today]

Teaching Videos for the Church

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